Twitter on Spotify

When we introduced the sharing feature, a lot of you requested a simple way of sharing the music you are listening to on Twitter. With Spotify 0.3.19, you can.

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Spotify 0.3.16

We just released Spotify 0.3.16, making sharing your music with others even easier than before. Right-click any artist, track or album in Spotify to share it on Facebook or Delicious. As usual we have also squashed a few bugs and the banner ads no longer steal your focus.


Spotify 0.3.15 (with label search!)

We are in the process of releasing Spotify 0.3.15 with a more varied home view. It includes a more-button that can be used for finding more of the music that’s been recently added to Spotify. We also added a French language translation to Spotify which is the third language now available. To change the language go to the preferences menu and save the new settings.


We have previously covered the advanced searches you can do in Spotify. Today, we launched another one (that I know that many of you have been longing for): label search.

Searching for a label is easy; just type “label:” before the label name in the search box. An example would be label:warp. If the label you’re searching for contains a space, you must enclose it in quotation marks, like in label:”rough trade”.

And while you’re at it, you can of course combine this search with other types of searches. You could for example search for all My Morning Jacket music released on Rough Trade.

We’ve also published a full list of the labels you can search for since there are quite a few of them and you might not always know which ones to look for. The search result you get back contains both tracks, artists and albums by the label.

Spotify 0.3.14

We recently released Spotify 0.3.14. No additional features were added to this release, but a number of bug fixes, including one for the “Internal Corruption” errors, were included.

Spotify 0.3.12

We are now rolling out Spotify 0.3.12 with the long-awaited fix for scrobbling on Mac and scrambling of proxy passwords. As mentioned earlier we have also included more download links and a Spanish translation as well as a fix for some character encoding problems.

Spotify 0.3.11

We are in the process of releasing a new version of Spotify, version 0.3.11. Changes for 0.3.11 include:

  • Added a search button in the search field when text is entered
  • The bug reporting menu item has been removed
  • Clicking on a past search, or a search suggestion, updates the search field with that text

If you experience problems with the automatic update please download the latest version from our website.

Spotify 0.3.8

We just released Spotify 0.3.8. For this version of Spotify:

  • Undo for playlist operations has been added
  • Username and password has been added to the proxy settings

Hang the DJ, hang the DJ, hang the DJ!

Burn down the disco, hang the blessed DJ! Because the music that they constantly play, it says nothing to me about my life – but Spotify will!

We will play your favourite tunes at Debaser Medis on November 14 between 17:00 and 19.00. We will only play music using Spotify to perform what could be the world’s first collaborative DJ gig. Our resident DJs, Max and Erik, will only play songs and requests from a collaborative playlist, to which anybody at Debaser can add their favourites.

Everybody is welcome of course, so bring your friends and we’ll see you at Debaser on November 14 at 17.00. We will also hand out a number of invites so be on time!

Spotify 0.3.7

We are in the process of releasing Spotify 0.3.7. For this version of Spotify:

  • The menus have been restructured slightly
  • The bug reporting tool in the client has been modified
  • A bug related to non-printable characters in playlist names has been fixed
  • Product state has been added to the client for premium and day pass users
  • A bug causing incorrect hover effects has been fixed

Spotify 0.3.4

Spotify 0.3.4 has just been released. Now you can see new music in your Spotify home. It also contains a list of artists similar to artists you probably like. Additionally, for this version:

  • A bug causing reviews to overlap banners has been fixed
  • A problem with glyphs being rendered with incorrect vertical offset has been fixed
  • A bug making other resources than tracks impossible to copy has been fixed
  • A bug causing excessive skipping in the radio has been fixed
  • Spotify has been modified to only show hover effects when on top