Spotify Launches Good As Hell Podcast in Partnership with Refinery29, Hosted by Lizzo

Listen to the Good As Hell trailer, here.

Today, Spotify debuts an all-new podcast Good As Hell – in partnership with Refinery29, the leading digital media company for young women – to create a safe space for the baddest women in music! Good As Hell is a raw interview series where alternative rapper Lizzo brings her infectious and empowering energy to tell the stories of both established and rising female rappers, singers and producers in the hip hop and R&B game like Lil’ Kim, Kehlani, Trina, Junglepussy, Awkwafina and Da Brat.

Each 25-35 minute episode will let listeners in on unfiltered heart-to-heart conversations between Lizzo and both O.G. queens and new ladies on the scene. Using honesty and humor, Lizzo helps set the record straight on the highs and lows of making a name in the ultimate male-dominated industry. Full episode descriptions are included below:

Good As Hell has been one of the most incredible experiences. It gave me the opportunity to meet and chop it up with some of my biggest heroes,” said Lizzo. “The goal was to highlight and celebrate these incredible women and let them tell their stories, which is something black women never get the opportunity to do. It’s about damn time!”

Lil’ Kim

Lizzo meets the original Queen Bee, Lil’ Kim. Kim talks about growing up in the industry, finding her own voice, her friendships and collabs with other queens like Remy Ma, turning down Playboy, and her missed connection with Michael Jackson.


Lizzo hits it off with Brooklyn rapper Junglepussy. Junglepussy shares her thoughts on being a black woman who raps, the inspiration behind her track, “Pop For You,” and what her name really means.


Lizzo hangs out with R&B songstress Kehlani. They bond over their shared passion for living on an island by themselves and Kehlani talks about finding herself as an artist, the female icons who inspired her and the state of R&B.


Lizzo sits down with the baddest bitch Trina. The two ladies have an energizing conversation on the power of women, Trina’s upcoming album, and the official Trina Day in Miami.


Lizzo chats with the multi-talented Awkwafina. A rapper, comedian, and actress, she’s had viral music videos including “My Vag” and will appear in the highly anticipated movie Ocean’s 8 and the film adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians.

Da Brat

Lizzo interviews Da Brat one of the most successful female rappers of all time. She began her career after she won a content sponsored by Yo! MTV Raps, signed with So So Def by Jermaine Dupri, and released her debut album “Funkdafied” in 1994.

Spotify’s Good as Hell will air on the platform on Thursdays, starting February 1, for a run of 6 episodes, with more episodes and artists to be announced. The podcast is also available in Spotlight multi-media format. Join us as we salute the queens of the music industry and women everywhere.