🎧 Drake is the Most Emoji-ed Artist on Spotify, With πŸ”₯ Most Associated with the Canadian Rapper πŸŽ§

To celebrate arguably the most universally-understood language in the world, the emoji, Spotify looked at the relationships between emojis and the music and artists they describe.

Spotify has over two billion user-generated playlists of which over 35 million have at least one emoji in their titles.

The top ten most emoji-ed artists and the emoji most associated with their music:

  1. Drake πŸ”₯
  2. Justin Bieber 😍
  3. One Direction πŸ†”
  4. Rihanna πŸ‘‘
  5. The Weeknd πŸ’¦
  6. Ariana Grande πŸŽ„
  7. Beyonce 🐝
  8. Ed Sheeran 😴
  9. Shawn Mendes 😍
  10. Chris Brown πŸ’¦

Spotify used interactive audiographics to map the associations between artists, tracks, and emoji. Here’s how it works:

  • Describe Artists with Emoji reveals the 10 emojis most distinctively associated with over 5,000 artists on Spotify — that is, the emoji that describes that artist more often than it does others. Simply click or tap any emoji to hear the song most associated with it, by that artist. Explore further by using the dropdown menus to pick a specific artist, genre, or emoji to compare as many as 50 artists at once.
  • Emoji Showdown lets listeners pit two artists against each other and see who wins which emojis. The Showdown charts contain the top 150 emoji for any two artists, visualized to show how often the emoji is used to describe the artist (vertical axis), as well as how distinct they are to the artist (horizontal axis).
  • Share an Artist allows music fans to share a specific artist’s emojis on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, choosing from the top 5,000 most emoji-ed artists on Spotify.

Head here to explore the audiographics and see below for other top emoji insights. For more on methodology, check out insights.spotify.com here.

Additional Artist Emoji Insights

David Bowie’s most representative emoji is lightning emoji ⚑️ , reflecting his look on the cover of 1973’s iconic album, Aladdin Sane.

Adele is distinctively associated with the broken heart, tears and sadness emoji Β πŸ’” 😭 πŸ˜”Β  given her heart-wrenching love songs, including β€œMake You Feel My Love” and β€œHello.”

Ed Sheeran’s top two most distinctive emoji are the sleeping face 😴 and the sleeping symbol πŸ’€ thanks to his dreamy ballads such as β€œThinking Out Loud” and β€œPhotograph.”

Miley Cyrus’s most distinctive accessory is also her most distinctive emoji, the tongue πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…

Katy Perry’s top three distinctive emojis include two feline characters – the cat face 🐱 and tiger face 🐯 – representing KatyCats, her most passionate fans, as well as hits like β€œRoar”

Daft Punk’s most distinctive emoji is the robot emojiΒ πŸ€– , reminiscent of the band’s iconic helmets and electronic sound.

Major Lazer helps listeners pump fists on the dance floor and pump iron in the gym with party popper πŸŽ‰ and flexed bicep πŸ’ͺ🏼 being their most distinctive emojis.

Nicki Minaj wins queen of the booty, with crown πŸ‘‘Β and peach πŸ‘Β emojis being her top two most distinctive.

Luke Bryan, the top emoji-ed country artist, is most associated with the boot πŸ‘’Β , horse face 🐴 Β and tractor 🚜 emojis.