All Hail Prince: Fans Worldwide Celebrate the Musical Legend

Music fans worldwide rejoiced when Prince landed back on Spotify, February 12th. The early Valentine’s Day treat had Prince lovers playing his hit songs on repeat. In fact, since Prince returned to Spotify, fans have listened to more than 2 million hours of the icon’s music and fans have cumulatively added Prince songs to almost 7 million playlists.


Biggest Prince Fans
The biggest Prince fans are found in the US and UK, with Prince’s hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota ranking as the number 1 worldwide*.

  1. Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
  2. Saint Paul, Minnesota, US
  3. New Orleans, Louisiana, US
  4. New York, New York, US
  5. Decatur, Georgia, US
  6. Richmond, Virginia, US
  7. Brooklyn, New York, US
  8. London, UK
  9. Norcross, Georgia, US
  10. Glasgow, Scotland, UK
  11. Washington D.C., US
  12. Nashville, Tennessee, US
  13. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US
  14. Memphis, Tennessee, US
  15. Austin, Texas, US
  16. Stone Mountain, Georgia, US
  17. Cleveland, Ohio, US
  18. Cambridge, Massachusetts, US
  19. Louisville, Kentucky, US
  20. Chicago, Illinois, US


Most Streamed Songs Globally
The musical innovator’s biggest smash hits are also the most streamed Prince songs on Spotify, with “Purple Rain” topping the list, followed by “Let’s Go Crazy” and “When Doves Cry.”

  1. Purple Rain
  2. Let’s Go Crazy
  3. When Doves Cry
  4. Kiss
  5. Little Red Corvette
  6. I Would Die 4 U
  7. Raspberry Beret
  8. 1999
  9. Delirious
  10. Pop Life


Check out our animated heatmap showing Prince’s first week on Spotify, you can embed it using the button in the top right corner.


Whether you want to go crazy by listening to early hits through 1999 or sing along while driving in your little red Corvette, you can listen to the “This is Prince” playlist here.

*Share of overall plays in cities with 10,000 or more Prince plays during first week of availability