Need A Boost on Monday? Fire Up a Playlist with Your Morning Brew

If you have a hard time getting your day started on a Monday, you’re not alone. In a recent online survey conducted by Ipsos in partnership with Spotify, an average of 64% of respondents across five countries agree that they have too little motivation on a Monday. But the good news is that music can help beat the Monday blues.

Surprisingly, the survey, conducted in the US, Australia, Brazil, France and Sweden, found that music is just as likely as caffeine to motivate people on a typical Monday – with over two in five saying music (44%) and coffee (46%) help them get motivated on a typical Monday. Music is also preferred over food (33%) and working out (28%) as ways to get some pep in their steps on Mondays.

Also surprising is the number of people who say music trumps sex as a motivator. Just 19% of respondents select sex as a motivator on Monday, demonstrating that folks would rather stream Get Ur Freak On by Missy Elliott than actually get their freaks on to beat the Monday blues.

For those who look to music as a Monday morning motivator, Spotify offers the perfect pick-me-up Discover Weekly, a personalized playlist of fresh music sent to each individual Spotify user every Monday, like clockwork. Discover Weekly is one of Spotify’s most popular features with over 5 billion tracks streamed and over 40 million listeners since its introduction in July 2015.

“Music is a great motivator, so it makes sense that people rely on it to help rev their engines at the start of the week,” said Shanon Cook, Spotify’s Trends Expert. “According to the survey, 42% of participants agreed they most need an energy boost early in the morning on Mondays. Thankfully, Spotify’s Discover Weekly is delivered first thing on Mondays, so all listeners receive a fresh soundtrack to kick-start their week.”

So for next week’s Monday blues, turn the music up extra loud to help you get that extra pep in your step.