Keep The Pace With Spotify and Runkeeper

00 Run Your Way (1)Are you one of the millions of users lacing up and hitting the streets with Spotify Running? Or are you just starting out and want to keep track of your progress? Either way, Spotify and Runkeeper have got you covered.

Starting today, we’re excited to bring you the ability to listen to Spotify while seamlessly tracking your running progress on Runkeeper.  By combining your track records from Runkeeper with tailored Spotify playlists, Running Originals and perfect beat-matched music from Spotify, we’ll help you keep the pace and go the extra mile.

Getting started is easy! Simply choose Spotify as your source of music in the Runkeeper app to enable the entire Spotify Running experience. Once set up, head to the Running category within Browse and hit the streets with your favorite running playlist while Runkeeper keeps track of your progress.

The in-app integration between Spotify and Runkeeper is available to both Premium and Free users on iOS and will soon be rolled out to Android.

For more information on Spotify Running, please visit