Here Comes The Sun

We are thrilled about the arrival on Spotify of the most important catalogue in rock music.  In seven short years, the Beatles created a body of work that changed the world. The music business was never the same, the way records were recorded was never the same, our culture in fashion and politics was never the same.

They were a band of so many firsts. The first stadium rock show at Shea Stadium in New York.  The first artists to own their own label.  The first rock band to make music videos.  They defined and reflected the 60’s and 70’s so sharply, yet they are every bit as relevant today.

As music fans, we owe such a great debt to the Beatles.  So many artists we all love today pay homage and tribute to the Beatles some 50 years on. Their influence on all of us is undeniable, powerful – and full of joy, which makes this a great time of year to celebrate their music.

In the first 3 days since The Beatles landed on Spotify, fans have streamed more than 70 million songs. What’s even cooler is that over 65% of their listeners on Spotify are under the age of 34 so we’re helping introduce a new generation of fans to the most important band in history.

The arrival of the Beatles on Spotify is also a personal triumph for me. When I grew up as a young kid in Sweden I came from a musical family. My grandmother was into jazz and my grandfather was an opera singer. The one thing in my youth that everyone in my family – my mom, uncle, aunt and grandparents – could all agree on musically was the Beatles.

So as I grew up, pretty much all of my most cherished moments — birthdays, holidays, family gatherings — were all accompanied by the Beatles. In a very real and palpable way they were my music education – I have no doubt that the Beatles are the reason why I feel the way I do about music.

So thank-you Beatles, and welcome to Spotify.