Songs of a Year in Space

Mark Kelly

We are pleased to welcome Astronaut Scott Kelly to Spotify. Scott is in the midst of a year long mission aboard the International Space Station – and just last week broke the record for most time in space by a US astronaut

>Listen to Scott Kelly’s playlist.

We asked Scott to share a few thoughts on how music plays a role in his day.


“A year really is a long time…a long time to never be able to go outside, or feel the sun on your face, or to see your family through anything besides a computer screen. But a mission to Mars is even longer, and the work we’re doing right now is a huge leap in reaching the goal of sending humans to walk on the Red planet.

Music has touched cultures all over the world since the earliest times in human history. It has long been a meaningful staple in life. It is a huge part of my life back on Earth. But when living in a place isolated from the rest of the world like here aboard the International Space Station, it becomes more significant. I imagine music will be equally as important to future space travelers as we go further beyond our global sphere.

Here we listen to  music during the workday and often have something playing in different modules throughout the space station. My taste in music varies as does my mood. Whether I am contemplative, energetic, tired or hopeful, music has a way of connecting, relaxing and motivating me. Some weekend mornings, I float to the cupola with my coffee and listen as I reflect on this journey, looking down at our beautiful world on which most of us live. Generally, at least six people of the world’s population is living here in space aboard the space station and has been for nearly fifteen years.

Since my workplace is also home, I enjoy listening to music most in my private crew quarters – it’s the only place I can separate the two. It’s a small space but exceptionally functional and a cozy place to reconnect through music.

I’ve selected these tunes to share with you. Songs of a Year In Space is a playlist of music that I’ve listened to most since I’ve left our planet. Some have personal meaning to me and others are a compilation of melodies, rhythm and lyrics I simply enjoy. I listen to these songs on this playlist in this particular order because they loosely capture the idea of a year in space from beginning to end for me.

Thank you for following along with me on this journey, and I hope you enjoy!”