Dive into the World of Powers…

With the Powers first season finale having just been released on PlayStation, you may be wanting to dig deeper into the world of Powers…


Powers follows two homicide detectives, Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim, as they work cases surrounding people with superhuman abilities. Adapted from the acclaimed comic book, there’s a rich array of ways to explore the world of Powers and it’s dark, dramatic take on the neo-noir cop show (with a superhero slant to boot).

Take a look at these playlists compiled by Powers’ creative team, including showrunner Charlie Huston and his world-class ensemble of actors. These musical portraits follow the storylines of the series’ main characters and express their emotional arcs through music. You’re sure to come away with a deeper understanding of the show that marks PlayStation™Network’s first forray into scripted, original programming. 

Christian Walker, the embattled homicide detective at the center of Powers, used to be a hero – until he lost his powers at the hand of his former mentor, Wolfe.  His choice of Arcade Fire’s “My Body is A Cage” as a lead-off track is no accident. Played by Sharlto Copley of District 9 and Chappie fame, Walker’s internal conflicts echo the show’s overall themes.

Retro Girl is an icon in the Powers world and emblematic of the contradictions in the show’s characters. Portrayed by Michele Forbes (Battlestar Galatica, True Blood, The Killing), she is about justice, true heroism… and endorsement deals. It should come as no surprise that her songs include the anthemic “The Power,” the ironic Abba hit “Money, Money, Money” and Depeche Mode’s brooding “A Pain That I Am Used To.”

Acclaimed comedian, writer, and actor Eddie Izzard inhabits the role of Wolfe. A dangerous man at the dark end of the balance; he keeps the Powers universe in check. His love of both Nat King Cole’s sonorous croon and Queen’s bombastic anthems further clarifies his mindset. 

And that’s just a start. There are also character mixes from Detective Deena Pilgrim (played by Susan Heyward) and Johnny Royale (played by Noah Taylor). These carefully curated mixes are a tantalizing entry into the darkness and mystery that lies at the heart of this acclaimed adaptation.