#SoundofADE – Most shared tracks.

ADE has just passed it’s 3rd day, with another one to go. Philosophies, speaker panels, debating, live performances and ongoing parties, but most of all… music. Or better yet: sharing music. 

If ADE is about the sharing of passion, stories and knowledge; if there’s debate going on, keynote speeches and meetings to be held; if there are workshops to participate in and parties (!) to find in every corner of the city with many decibels coming out of speakers; it makes you wonder. What is everybody listening to?

We have dedicated an entire category named LIVE FROM ADE 2014. Loads of amazing playlists by many artists we came to love – or were introduced to –  and of course, the Spotify ADE Lounge.

But there’s more. Our team has also brought you the option to share your ultimate ADE track. In a very special way. Just go to spotify.com/ade, type and swipe and get a whole playlist served, based entirely on your own favorite track for ADE. It’s as simple as that.

For the past three days, DJs, visitors and listeners have been swiping and sharing! Again, it makes you wonder: what is everybody listening to? What were you listening to?

Well, we’ve nailed it down for you. Our playlist #SoundofADE-most shared tracks is now ready. Enjoy some great music, find out about the most shared tracks and who’s owning the number one spot during the Amsterdam Dance Event!