The Winners of Your Music Moments!

Your Music Moments

Today, we’re excited to reveal the tracks music fans voted for as the ultimate tunes to get a party started, survive a hangover, get through a Monday, endure a long journey and mend a broken heart, along with the guiltiest pleasure and favourite one hit wonder.

Our inaugural Your Music Moments poll was voted for by more than 30,000 Spotify users across the globe, revealing the tunes that provide the soundtrack to music fans’ lives.

hangOur Guilty Pleasure floor-filler crown goes to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. Journey’s classic received more than double the votes than Britney or The Backstreet Boys tracks got, making it Spotify’s ultimate ‘Guilty Pleasure’.

partyIn the hotly contended category of top ‘Party Starter’, Avicii and Robin Thicke, who received more votes than classic tracks from the Bee Gees and Chic, were neck and neck throughout the voting with Avicii’s Levels sneaking in at the last minute win to be named the top ‘Party Starter’.

guiltyTo help with the morning after the night before, music lovers voted to ease their sore heads by listening to The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars, which was voted ‘Best Hangover’ track, beating Avicii’s Wake Me Up and Stronger by Kanye West.

exFor broken hearts, music fans opted to drown their sorrows to Adele’s Someone Like You, rather than the blatant We Are Never Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift. Adele’s Grammy-winning track was voted the best song to ‘Get Over An Ex’.

workoutThe music-loving, gym go-ers chose the motivational eighties classic Eye Of The Tiger, to feel the burn to, over recent floor-fillers such as LMFAO’s Sexy And I Know It or Snoop Dogg’s aptly named track Sweat.

It’s so great to see the mix of cult classics and current chart-toppers that made the cut for our very first Your Music Moments – explore all this year’s winners here!

  • Best Driving Song: Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
  • Hangover Cure: The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars
  • Guilty Pleasure: Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey
  • Get Over An Ex: Someone Like You – Adele
  • Party Starter: Levels – Avicii
  • Workout Song: Eye Of The Tiger – Rocky OST
  • One Hit Wonder: Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
  • Best Monday Song: Manic Monday – The Bangles