Check out Supper.’s Spotify App


The “Supper.” Spotify App is the first music + food experience. “Supper.” features menu specials curated by chef’s and venues from around the world that value music as much as they do food, and live by the philosophy that one does not work without the other.

“Supper.” specializes in serving mouthwatering recipes that are paired with hand crafted playlists, with each recipe featuring 2 playlists; one playlist for preparation, and one playlist for partying (or eating, whichever you prefer). Each recipe also has a complimentary Hipstamatic snap to get your taste buds salivating and assist with perfect presentation.

Supper. curators include the likes of Brooklyn’s iconic Roberta’s Pizza, renowned for their NYC Summer Tiki Parties, national radio station, and recent accolade that puts them in the top 10 most important restaurants in America ( Another NYC favorite who needs no introduction is Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Bowl with Chef Dave Kornell providing a Blue Ribbon special with 2 playlists perfect for the occasion. From Sydney, Australia you’ll find a unique creation from local Chef and DJ legend Andrew Levins, the mastermind behind The Dip at Sydney’s Goodgod Small Club who has hosted sets from the likes of Thom York, Major Lazer, and epitomizes music + food.

The Supper. Spotify App is available in Spotify on your computer.