Let “Bad Blood” Bind Us Together

As lovers of music and technology, we’re psyched to partner with Virgin Records and Everlapse to participate in Bastille’s North American kick off. The album “Bad Blood” had a huge launch here, debuting at #11 on Billboard’s U.S. chart.

As an exciting first for Everlapse, they have expanded their platform to include the ability to add the Spotify player, which has created a way for Bastille fans to show the band they’ve got their backs — and each other’s — all while streaming “Bad Blood.”

Want to join in? Add a photo of yourself making the Bastille sign to their Everlapse clip. Hit play in the upper left to start listening to the album, then tap the green camera icon to add a photo of you making the band’s logo.

As more fans add the logo and share this clip, their photos will be added, showing the band and the world the force of the Bastille stormers.