Our Interview with Avicii

Avicii: “I still feel lucky”


Avicii is back! This September he will release his debut album ‘TRUE’, and Spotify has talked to him about the new single, genre mixing and how he copes with his unimaginably hectic tour life.

We met Avicii at 2:30 am in a dressing room, just minutes after he had performed in front of over 50,000 muddy festival visitors. There is no question that he owns the world of house right now, and this September his debut album TRUE will be released. Today, a new single from the album gets available on Spotify. “I’m really looking forward to release the new single ‘You Make Me’. ‘Wake Me Up’ has really performed well and this new track with the great vocals of Salem Al Fakir is different from ‘Wake Me Up’, which makes me so excited to see what the feedback will be like”, Avicii tells us.

And yes, the previous single “Wake Me Up” became a tremendous success. It is one of the most played songs ever during its first month on Spotify, with over a million streams per day. According to Avicii, that song sets the tone for the rest of the album and his new sound.

Q: How do you mean it sets the tone?

A: I didn’t plan for “Wake Me Up” to be so acoustic, but when I got home from the studio, I was so in love with all the instruments and the vibe. It showed me what I could do in the other songs. Everything is still house music on the album, but it’s mixed with other genres, which I think is pretty damn cool. When the mixture doesn’t feel forced, just organic. It’s what the entire album is about.

Q: You began working with house music around the same time that Spotify started, which means that our careers are about the same age!

A: I was hanging out on Spotify right from the start. For me, it meant the end of illegal downloading of music. Everything was available just as quickly and as easily. I use it mostly when I want to listen to something myself, or if I have some friends over for dinner. Generally when I want to listen to music it’s Spotify that I use.

Q: In 2011 you did 320 gigs, now you travel 200 days a year and you seem to work constantly. You must be completely exhausted sometimes, what drives you to continue?

A: We have reduced it very much. So now I only do 150 gig instead, haha! It is still a lot. But this has been my dream, being able to make a living in music and travel around like I do. I still feel lucky. I remind myself of that all the time and that’s probably what keeps me going.

He claims to be quite a calm person who unwinds easily by himself. But what does he do when he needs to be Tim Bergling and not world artist Avicii? “Then I take a week off, and go home to either Sweden or elsewhere and just turn off the Avicii part of me. I try not to think about music or what I need to do”, he says.

Q: What do you think you’ll be doing ten years from now?

A: Hopefully the same thing, though I may not be playing live as much, maybe producing more music. In ten years, I’ll be 33 … Then I probably will still have a few years left in me to do gigs, I hope. I have no specific goals, although in a way, I get new ones all the time. More and more things that I never thought keep happening, and the music is getting bigger and bigger. But all the goals that I had from the start have been achieved. Like headlining Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Now, I have my own album coming, which also is a milestone. It will be really fun to see how the album received. I had no idea how the first single “Wake Me Up” would do, that was a little gamble, but it surprised me that it went as well as it did.

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