Favorite Pre-Date Jams To Beat The Dating Jitters from Match.com

The Single Best List of Pre-date Anthems

Going on a date can make you nervous. So there are a lot of people preparing themselves before going out on that with that special someone.

We teamed up with Match.com to find the most popular songs to soothe pre-date jitters.

Below are some of the survey’s highlights:

  • Music is a Pre-date Must: 78% of single men and women state that music is a crucial part of their pre-date ritual.
  • Music to Primp To: When asked what type of music they prefer listening to while getting ready for a date, 57% of men chose classic rock, while the majority of women (54%) preferred pop music/top 40 hits.
  • Classic Moves: 49% of men and 39% of women said they found classic rock to be a turn-on for their dates to play in the background to set the mood.
  • Mood Music: While 49% of men choose to listen to classic crooner Barry White when getting pumped up for a date, 44% of women chose sexy current artists like Robin Thicke and Maroon 5.
  • Mood Killers: Both men and women agreed that rap, country and heavy metal music are no-no’s on a date.
  • Music Idols: 49% of men channel suave Justin Timberlake when embarking on a first date, while the majority of women (26%) channel self-empowering P!nk.
  • Which Artist is Crushing it?  40% of guys named Taylor Swift as their music crush, who received more than double the votes of her nearest competitor, Rihanna (19%). Women are currently crushing on Robin Thicke (32%).

Enjoy the full playlist with the Top Tracks here: