Start following now!

We’ve been busy rolling out some of the exciting new features we announced in December. From today, we’re able to bring artists and fans closer than ever before. It’s time to start following!

Now on Spotify, you can follow all the people who turn you on to the music you care about. Find out what friends and artists are listening to in real time, and check out the music that matters to the trendsetters in your life.

Want to hear Obama’s playlist as he prepares for a big speech? Or check out what David Guetta is listening to this week? Now you can.

Build your following

Share your soundtrack with the world, and people will follow you too. Post your playlists on your social networks and be part of the discovery revolution.

What’s changed?

• Followers instead of subscribers: We’ve moved from “subscribers” to “followers.” Follow people you find musically interesting, playlists you love, and artists who suggest great music for you.

• A more curated Activity Feed: You’ll only see activity from the people you follow on Spotify, as well as recommended people you may like to follow.

• A more useful Follow page: We’re actively finding some of the most interesting people using Spotify–from the A-list producer to the hometown hip hop hero–and introducing them to users across the community. To make this easier to understand, we’ve changed the “People” page to a “Follow” page.

• A more personal Profile page: See recent listening, new playlists, and sharing activity, as well as all of your own followers.

• Better Artist pages: See all your favourite artists’ activity on Spotify–songs they share, playlists they create, and their catalogue.

• Notifications for new releases: You’ll receive a notification every time an artist you follow releases new music. Never miss the latest release from your favourites.

You’ll get notified automatically when an update is ready for you. Otherwise head over to our Download page to get the latest version now.

Happy following!