Stay Motivated with Workout Playlists

January traditionally kick starts the ‘get fit’ season as millions of us hit the gym to work off festive over-indulgence. With this in mind, we analyzed workout playlists on the service to reveal the top tracks that motivated our users to get moving this January.

The list of the ten most streamed tracks is dominated by upbeat dance music, with Die Young by Ke$ha clocking in as the number one workout track for January 2013 by US Spotify users. Check out the full list based on the top tracks chosen by users here:

The Science Behind Workout Music

Dr. Costas Karageorghis from Brunel University in London, a global thought leader on the use of music in exercise, said: “Music and exercise make for a winning combination. Our scientific research has demonstrated how exercisers lock into the rhythmical elements of music, which gives their workouts a significant boost through a process known as entrainment – in essence, the body gradually aligns its movement patterns to the musical beat. This also reduces perceptions of effort, lifts mood and ultimately results in people sticking to their exercise routine.”

Who else is working out with Spotify?

Fitness trainer and star of Work Out, Jackie Warner shared her top work out tracks exclusively with us. She said: “Here is what I’m listening to now but next month it will be something else. It’s important to change up your playlist regularly. Listening to new music keeps me motivated to exercise and excited about going to the gym!”

Get motivated with Jackie Warner’s fave workout tracks here!

Pop starlet and fitness fanatic Ellie Goulding also shared her motivating training playlist – Music To Run To – she said: “Music and working out go hand in hand. The beat of a song or the perfect playlist can always carry you through a tough workout. My number one workout track is Heartbeats by The Knife, it keeps a really steady beat which is ideal and I love the vocal.”

Michelle Obama’s workout mix is packed with tons of great tracks to get you moving. Put on your sneakers and check it out here.