App of the Week: Earache Metalizer

Having had both ears to the ground for the past 25 years, Earache Records knows a thing or two about uncovering new music – and now they’ve created a Spotify App that will help you uncover new metal tracks.

The Earache Metalizer App is dedicated purely to metal music, helping you navigate the myriad metal sub-genres like a pro. Use their playlist generator sliding the bars on the mixing desk to choose whether you want your playlist to emphasise Metal, Thrash, Death or Grind – or any mixture of the four – the Earache Metalizer then generates a playlist with the mix you did on the metalizer.

The songs fed into the Metalizer are not restricted to Earache tracks – you’ll find everything from Spotify’s newest big-name sign-ups, Metallica, all the way through to Pig Destroyer, Bring me the Horizon and Guns N’ Roses. And of course, once you’ve tweaked and perfected your heavy metal playlist, you can share it with your friends via Facebook and Twitter, before doing it all over again.

If you’re on your computer, click here to launch the Earache Metalizer App on Spotify.