The Sounds of RE/CREATE New York

We are thrilled to be partnering with digital innovators CREATETHE GROUP on an exciting charitable project in support of Hurricane Sandy relief, RE/CREATE New York.

RE/CREATE New York has brought together more than 50 prominent creators who want to give back to the city they love. Each creator – including the likes of Roman Coppola, Jefferson Hack, Anne Hathaway, Arianna Huffington, Michael Stipe, and Kanye West – has donated a personal object or experience for online auction, and a playlist for your listening pleasure.

Three consecutive auction rounds with these unique items are taking place with 100% of the proceeds going to the relief efforts of New York Cares.

So what are you waiting for? Bidding is now open! Get in on the auction action nowand be sure to catch of all the awesome RE/CREATE New York playlists on Spotify here!