Our interview with CAZZETTE

A fully soundproofed room feels sort of creepy…”, CAZZETTE

Seb Furrer and Alex Björklund met online while hanging out in a forum for DJs and producers. One night Seb logged out and began watching a string of Avicii videos online and that same night he decided to bite the bullet and email the producer’s manager. A few days later Seb got a reply and a request; could the two of them remix Sweet Dreams?

Well, it turned out they could – indeed, their Avicii – Sweet Dreams (Cazzette Meets at Night Mix) was a huge club hit around the world and now, some two years later, Seb and Alex are CAZZETTE, the first artists ever to partner with Spotify to launch their career exclusively on the service. They have now released the first of three sets taken from their debut album, “eject.” – and the first part kicks off with their debut single, Beam Me Up. In tribute to this moment we called them up and asked them what the hell was going on?

Hello CAZZETTE – how long have you been fooling around with Beam Me Up?
Alex: Oh, we wrote that quite early on. We recorded it in LA and we’ve been living with it for six months or so now.
Seb: It’s changed a lot in that time. It used to have a really hard drop, but it’s grown into this whole new thing. It’s the biggest CAZZETTE moment so far!

Why did you want to release it through Spotify?
Alex: It’s a new and different way of doing things and that really appeals to us as a band. We feel it works hand in hand with how we want to behave.
Seb: More than anything else we want to get our music out there. We want people to hear our music then come to a show and this is a great way for us to do that. I genuinely believe Spotify is the future of music and, being Swedish, we’ve loved it since the beginning!

What records couldn’t CAZZETTE exist without?
Alex: For me it would be Nas’ Get A Gun, Prodigy’s Smack My Bitch Up and Daft Punk’s Digital Love.
Seb: I’d go for Tiesto’s mix of Elements of Life, Coldplay’s Clocks, Skrillex’s mix of I Square’s Hey Sexy Lady.

You’re pioneering the “dub-house” sound – is that what your album will sound like?
Alex: Not all of it!
Seb: This is just the first era of CAZZETTE…

Finally, what’s your favourite noise?
Alex: A fully sound-proofed room. It’s sort of creepy sounding. I’m also a huge fan of the noise aeroplane wheels make when they pull lower just before you land somewhere new.
Seb: I really like the sound of a running engine. A petrol one. Preferably in a Porsche…