Logitech UE presents – The One AM Radio

Our friends from Logitech UE present to you the Logitech UE Artist of the Week.

The One AM Radio is a project based in Los Angeles, where the sun hasn’t completely thawed its New England roots. Songwriter/producer Hrishikesh Hirway makes music about the feeling you get while driving home, fast, late at night, through half-empty streets.

The project began in the Northeast, where Hrishikesh was studying design and photography at Yale. With a borrowed guitar, a 4-track, and a drum machine, he made cassettes for his friends and his sister to fall asleep to—instrumental lullabies mixed with “staticky” murmurs of talk radio. He started writing lyrics and singing over his music, and began performing, using what he’d written on the label on the first cassette — “The One AM Radio” — as a moniker.

Hrishikesh started making the album “Heaven Is Attached by a Slender Thread” during sleepless nights in his adopted home, Los Angeles. The new LP is about living on the fumes of dreams and hopes, the forces that drive people to come to a city like LA, forces that are in constant danger of burning out. At one point, Hrishikesh’s idea was to make a dance record, and now, he admits, that’s not really how it turned out. But the album does make you want to move, to run, to get in the car and drive fast through the empty city in the middle of the night — to remember how tenuous your hold is everything things you have, and want, and long for.

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