Watch Green Day’s Nuclear Family

“Gonna ride the world like a merry-go-round Like a ferris wheel, like it’s breakin’ down Scream, scream, screaming bloody murder! Oh yeah. Like a nuclear bomb and it wont be long ’til I detonate.” This week Green Day released Nuclear Family, another track off of their upcoming studio release ¡Uno! (hitting stores September 25). Get […]

App of the Day: Blue Note

We’re totally addicted to the Blue Note Spotify app! A record label virtually synonymous with jazz music, Blue Note Records have developed this engaging app to give you an interactive curated experience – guiding you through the vast amount of jazz music on Spotify. Jazzed Up The Blue Note app enables you to explore and […]

Listen to Bob Dylan’s Tempest

There are very few artists alive today who are considered to be influential across all generations. Bob Dylan is one such artist, and his storytelling has only gotten better through the years. Dylan’s four previous studio albums have been universally hailed as among the best of his storied career, achieving new levels of commercial success […]