Our Interview with Fatboy Slim

“Life is a lot easier when you don’t party for two days after a show…”, Norman Cook Multi-million selling record producer and super-dedicated Brighton and Hove Albion FC fan Norman Cook is a sober, happy, marathon-running father of two with what he describes as a, “buoyant, yet manageable” career. “Life is sweet,” he tells Spotify. […]

Listen to the exclusive, track-by-track commentary of Elle Varner’s new album

After being discovered by MBK Entertainment while attending NYU’s prestigious Clive Davis Program of Recorded Music, Up-and-coming R&B artist, Elle Varner, developed and honed her skills to eventually become one of the first artists featured in BET’s Music Matters campaign for 2010. Listen to her share the stories and ideas behind each of her songs […]

Thumbs up for radio!

Great news for Spotify radio fans. Now you can enjoy the same Thumbs up (and down) functionality on your desktop as you do on your mobile. Radio, radio everywhere This neat update means that all the stations that you’ve tuned into on your mobile will show up seamlessly on your desktop – and vice versa. […]