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Popdust, the largest web destination dedicated exclusively to pop music, has arrived on Spotify! Their brand new Spotify app, Lifetracker, features Popdust editors’ hand-curated soundtracks for any day-to-day activity you can think of!

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Whether it’s for working out or chilling out – Popdust has a playlist for everything you do. You can even contribute your favorite mixes to the Popdust playlist collection and get featured among their Editor Picks!

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#MusicMonday playlist brought to you by @MonaFims

Our friend @MonaFims has this #MusicMonday’s recommendations.

We kick off a new week with a an amazing song from a new New York duo who are making a huge buzz around the blogosphere these days: “Hurricane” by “MS MR”.

We continue with a favorite English indie rock band: “The Maccabees”. I never get tired of their song “Glimmer” from their lastest album “Given To The Wild”. If you have not done so already you should take the time and listen trough the whole album. It is packed with amazing songs!

Next track on our playlist this week is by a Swedish Indie-Electro-Rock band from Stockholm: “Urban Cone” and their song “Kings & Queens”. And then time for English “Theme Park” and their song called “Milk” and US/UK based “The Kills” with their catchy “Tape Song”.

Last song in this week’s playlist is by an American band from Denton, Texas and it happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time: “Roscoe” by “Midlake”

If you have song suggestions for next week’s playlist, be sure to drop them in Mona’s Spotify Inbox.

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