App of the Day: Any Decent Music?

Get access to a broad range of critical opinion with the new app from Any Decent Music?!

Developed from the chart, which provides music lovers with constantly updated listings of the most critically-acclaimed albums, this novel Spotify app uses ratings from the leading expert, independent review sources across the world to help you discover the best in new music.

Reviewing the reviews
Each day the ADM team sifts through more than 50 music review publications, online and offline, to give you a cross-section of critical reaction. Everything on the ADM app has been manually reviewed, selected and added – and their ratings are a weighted average taking into account the number of reviews for each specific album.

Focusing on all contemporary genres – from indie to electronic to hip hop and everything in between – the ADM app is your indispensable aid to explore and instantly hear the most highly-rated new tunes!

Visit the app here and enjoy!