A brand new way to discover music with Sonarflow’s App for iOS

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can now explore our universe of millions of songs in a captivating new way with Sonarflow.

Sonarflow is a free App that offers a visual and intuitive way to browse and discover music from our catalogue by highlighting artists and tracks in different coloured “Bubbles”.

How it Works
After opening the App, three bubbles, “Starred”, “Your Spotify Tracks” and “Top Tracks”, appear. Pinching any of these bubbles with two fingers will lead you to a deeper level of browsing.

By activating the discovery mode, similar artists will be suggested in further bubbles. By touching one of those bubbles, you will get information regarding the artist, cover art, videos and “Top Spotify Tracks” which can be played directly by the app.

You can download Sonarflow’s iOS app on the App Store.

You need to be a Premium subscriber to use Sonarflow. Not a subscriber? Get a 30 day trial here.

Check out the Club Essentials 2012 Playlist

Creating great moments on the big European festivals, at the wildest club parties and on the most intimate beach sessions, is what the tunes gathered on the ‘Club Essentials 2012’ playlist do. These are the tracks that make a night come alive, brighten the day and simply rock our senses.

With 40 club hits in the mix, included are the tunes of Hardwell, Fedde Le Grand Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Moguai and many more.