Introducing mobile radio you can save

It’s not every day we get to tell you about a great new radio experience in Spotify! Starting today, all Spotify users in the US with an iPhone or iPad can tap into millions of songs for free. Our latest app features free radio – the only radio where you can save the songs you […]

Spotify App of the Day: The FADER

If you are interested in the best of new and emerging music, we have the app for you! The FADER, the Emerging Music, Culture and Style publication, today launches its new app on Spotify. With playlists centered around artists and content featured in issues of The FADER, this Spotify app delves deep inside archives of […]

United States of Music

For the month of May, we looked at the top 10 tracks across 18 U.S. cities that had us all singing along. Here are some highlights: Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” was the most popular song in nearly 80% of cities tracked Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” became the Northeast’s summer anthem, […]

Chat with Porter Robinson on Soundrop

EDM fans, to celebrate the start of their new summer tour, rising star DJ Porter Robinson along with Mat Zo and The M Machine will be LIVE in the Soundrop app today to play their favorite tunes and chat about music. Tune in TODAY at 3pm PT / 6pm ET. Enter the Soundrop room here. […]

Check out the new, improved ShareMyPlaylists apps

We’ve been enjoying the new apps from our friends at They’ve revamped their iOS and Spotify App with cool new features and a new redesign. Here’s what’s new and better on the Spotify App: – The “Recommended” feature scans your play history and suggests playlists tailored to your tastes. – The souped-up playlist generator […]

Spotify for Android – now on Google Play

Our latest Android app – faster, slicker, better… Today we’re taking the covers off our latest and greatest Android app. Having undergone a top-to-bottom redesign and with a completely new box of tricks under the hood, we reckon this might be our best mobile app yet. Available now on Google Play, features include: Totally new […]

Slicker, faster, better: the new Android app is here!

Great news! The amazing new Android app is here. It looks great, moves fast and is packed full of new features. It’s available to everyone from Google Play. The preview we released a few weeks back got rave reviews – and we’ve sneaked in even more new features since then. You’ll love it! Here’s what […]

Your Glamorous Soundtrack to Summer

The ever-stylish team at Glamour is powering their July issue with music to glam up your summer. With curated playlists by some of Glamour’s favorite people – editors, celebrity trainers and even July cover star, Julianne Hough – your summer soundtrack is set to sizzle! Get in on all the action here!

#MusicMonday playlist brought to you by @MonaFims

Our friend @MonaFims has this #MusicMonday’s recommendations. Monday and yet again I have prepared a new playlist for You! We start with a dreamy song called “Never Follow Suit” by a favorite Swedish indie pop band: “The Radio Dept.” We continue with one of the hottest new bands out there right now; “Citizens!” and their […]