The sounds of June courtesy of

We present you the music selection that our friends from Sharemyplaylists have handpicked for this month.

Strictly BASS… 34

First up this month is the latest edition of Strictly BASS… Not exactly sure how I’ve managed to cram 34 editions into the last two years,” syknyk says, “but I have.” And what a two years it’s been. He’s given us over 3,000 of the finest, bassiest music around. This edition features tracks and mixes by Rita Ora, KOAN Sound, Adam F, Roni Size, Deadmau5 and more. Cross faders to 7-9s for the full syknyk effect.

Eurovision 2012 in order of appearance

So, who watched Eurovision? Our favourite was the scantily-clad scarecrow that sounded like a buzz saw having an argument with an abattoir. You know, from that country. Anyway, you can relive the magic of the whole night by listening to chrisgoodm’s playlist.

Debussy, Music & The Arts: 100 tracks

Our reliably brilliant playlist partner the Orchard have gone all highbrow with their latest creation. This mixtape celebrates the life and work of French classical composer Claude Debussy, one of the most prominent figures for impressionist music. Get on it, culture vultures.


To celebrate the launch of Spotify in Australasia (Australia & New Zealand) we’ve put together a playlist of 100 songs from some of the greatest Australasian artists of all-time ñ everyone from INXS, Jet and Silverchair, to the Temper Trap, Cut Copy and Empire of the Sun. Welcome aboard, Australasians.

Electro Swing – The Samples

Ever wondered where electro swing producers get their samples from? Wonder no more ñ Steven Marshall has the answers. Check out the original hooks pilfered by Mr. Scruff, Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup, Gramophonedzie and many, many more. Great playlist, this one.

Kieron’s Electro Vol.11

Another must-hear mixtape this month is the latest edition in Kieron’s Electro series. Volume 11 takes in future disco, electro, funky house and pretty much everything in between, by artists such as Riva Starr, Jesse Rose, Crazy P, Tensnake and more. Check out volumes 1-10 by clicking here.

The ultimate Johnny Marr playlist

Big reaction for this playlist on the old SMP Facebook page. And it’s not hard to see why. Stef Galley’s mixtape is a brilliant, career-spanning tribute to Johnny Marr ñ covering the Smiths, Electronic, Modest Mouse, the Cribs and many, many more besides. Ace.

Here Comes Hipster Summer

Two hipsters walk into a bar on a summer’s day. One did it first. The other did it ironically. BOOM BOOM! And playing in that bar was this playlist from Jokke Samen: “There’s this lazy, penetrating feeling of summer I get when I listen to indie and alternative music,” he says. And that’s what this playlist is all about.

New Releases 2012

Next up, we’re giving you a gentle reminder that this playlist, created by some clowns calling themselves SMP Playlists, is updated each and every month with the best new music released on Spotify. If you haven’t subscribed yet ñ YOU HAVEN’T SUBSCRIBED YET?! ñ do it now. You know it makes sense.

Happy Birthday, Prince!

He did not come to funk around. ‘Tll he gets your daughter, he won’t leave this town. Prince is also celebrating his 54th birthday this month. Geek Thug has compiled 54 tracks from the Artist himself to commemorate the occasion. “Mostly album tracks,” he says. Because, “As any real Prince fans know, his best songs are NOT hits”.