Spotify App of the Day: SeatGeek

The only thing worse than missing out on an awesome concert? Missing out on an awesome concert because you didn’t even know it was taking place!

With its powerful concert discovery tools, the new SeatGeek Spotify App aims to eliminate that problem by providing dynamic concert recommendations for great shows in your area and links to the absolute best deals on tickets to see your favorite artists live in concert.

How does it work?

The SeatGeek app is free inside the Spotify app finder. It scans through the music you’ve played and uses SeatGeek’s event recommendation technology to identify upcoming events in your area that match your musical tastes and preferences.

After identifying the best concert matches near you, the SeatGeek app displays information on recommended shows along an interactive timeline, with robust information on the concert’s date, venue and ticket pricing. Clicking the play button on an artist photo creates a playlist with top tracks from each recommended performer in your concert timeline.

If you want to secure tickets to see a recommended show, the SeatGeek app makes it easy to do just that! By clicking on the ticketing links next to a recommended concert, you’ll be directed to SeatGeek’s ticketing platform, where ticket listings from over 60 online resellers have been aggregated into an intuitive interface.

The concert recommendations are adaptive and will change in accordance with the music you listen to, and it’s easy to link your account to a or account to edit your artist preferences and receive even more accurate concert recommendations.

Check out the SeatGeek app here!