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Hello Labrinth – where are you right now and what are you doing?
I’m in a really nice studio filming! I know this place, actually, as I recorded the strings for my own album in here. There’s a piano in the corner I’ve played a few times – I’ve got great memories of this place.

And now you’ve got the memory of being the first person to try the Spotify app there too…
Ha! Yeah – it’s good to be first. The fact I’m the first one using it feels great – like I’m stood in front of everyone with my finger on my nose going, “Yeahhhhh!”

How is it working for you?
It’s been great. I love it actually. I know that’s what you’ll expect me to say, but it’s true! I really love the app, it’s like the sort of brilliant upgrade that I know I’ve been waiting for. It’s very sleek, a big jump on from the iPhone or iPod version and it’s all so accessible that it feels just like rooting through my own collection at home. All us idiots need things making simple for us, and this does that.

What music have you discovered through Spotify?
Oh man, loads. I found my boy Michael Kiwanuka there. I knew him from before, he used to play on a lot of sessions and my brother has played with him quite a bit, but I didn’t know he had all this other stuff until i saw it on Spotify. Little Dragon are another one, I love their stuff. Recently I’ve been checking Subtrkt too. I’m always looking out for great artists and DJs and I think Spotify is a really healthy way of finding new music.

What’s the most exciting thing that happened to you recently?
Probably just staying at home and watching TV – except I never do just stay at home and watch TV. Definitely the best thing recently was being on tour in Europe with Drake. That was really good and a fantastic introduction to Europe. I’ve just put up a new track called Express Yourself on You Tube that’s something to relax to. The video is going to be amazing too. I filmed it in Paris and it has this dog in it…

What’s next for Labrinth?
There are millions and millions of things next for Labrinth. I make music like cockroaches make babies, so you know there’ll always be loads of new Labrinth music on Spotify!

Easy final question…

What’s the greatest record ever made?
Oh man, what a question. Well, I think it would have to be between Curtis Mayfield and Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall… I’m going to go for Off The Wall because it’s just so brilliantly made. The development of Michael as an artist from his days in the Jackson 5 to becoming a solo star are just mind-bending. Quincy Jones is an extraordinary producer, his orchestral arrangements are phenomenal. Quincy was the one who created the space for Michael to grow in. What an amazing record…

Thank you, Labrinth.
No, thank you.