Celebrities Pick their Favorite Bob Marley Tracks on Spotify

Last week, we posted an amazing collection of Bob Marley playlists curated by Cypress Hill, Gavin Rossdale, LeAnn Rimes, A Fine Frenzy, Ziggy Marley and many more. The playlists are part of a celebration of the new documentary about the musical legend, called MARLEY, playing now in select theaters and on demand.

This week, we’re sharing some thoughts from the playlist creators themselves behind their song picks. Think you know Bob Marley? Take a fresh look at Marley’s songs and influences through the eyes of our contributors below, then check out MARLEY in theaters and on demand for a closer look at this musical icon.

Director Kevin Macdonald
The Oscar-winning Director of MARLEY, Kevin Macdonald, spent countless hours listening to Marley songs during his creation of the film, so it’s no surprise his playlist is a great introduction to Marley’s full body of work:

“I’ve chosen songs which appear in my documentary and are in one way or another key to understanding Bob the man as opposed to Bob the legend.  My favourite period in Bob’s career is the collaboration with Lee “Scratch” Perry – so I’ve probably sneaked in more of those…”

Redemption Song
Of course, there were also plenty of selections of Marley’s much-loved greatest hits. One playlist favorite was “Redemption Song”, explained here by Grammy-winning and multiplatinum Colombian recording artist Juanes:

“Redemption Song is one of my favorites. We used to play it in college when we did bohemian parties with our guitars and our friends.”

Multiplatinum and Grammy award winning recording artist, actress and author LeAnn Rimes also picked Redemption Song for her playlist, quoting from the lyrics as a key source of inspiration:

“None but ourselves can free our minds.” Makes me want to be a better person
in every minute of the day.

Jillionaire from Major Lazer
One of the most diverse playlists of Marley-inspired tracks comes from Jillionaire, MC for popular DJ collective Major Lazer. Here’s a few of his Marley playlist favorites and why he picked them:

  • The Wailers – Simmer Down
    This was the first single released by The Wailers, immediately shooting straight to number one in Jamaica.
  • Peter Tosh feat Mick Jagger – (You Gotta Walk) Don’t Look Back
    Easily the most controversial Wailer, Tosh released his Bush Doctor album on Rolling Stones Records in 1978, opening himself up to a whole new audience.
  • Bunny Wailer – I Gotta Keep On Moving
    The third (and most low key) of the trio, Bunny grew up in the same household with Bob, and continues to live and make music in Jamaica.
  • Rita Marley – One Draw
    ‘Nana Rita’ is the widow of Bob Marley and was a member of the I Threes, Marley’s backup singers.