Exclusive Pre-streams this Week

This week, we’ve got a bunch of awesome pre-releases for your listening pleasure!

Co-founder and former frontman of Hollywood Undead, Deuce, is making his debut with Nine Lives. The lyricist, songwriter, producer and knows-no-boundaries singer/rapper hails from Los Angeles and is known for his signature masks and ability to jumpstart any party. Get the party started with this exclusive pre-stream of Nine Lives today!

The solo project of Finland’s Aku Raski, Huoratron began by using two Game Boy consoles to produce experimental and dark electro. Since then, he’s risen from the digital underground and updated his gear while maintaining the pure black sound and raw aesthetics. His latest album, Cryptocracy, is sure to be pure techno-tronic enlightenment for your musical senses.

You may recognize Sabi from her sexy hook on Cobra Starship’s hit single “You Make Me Feel…” or her recent appearances with Britney Spears on the Femme Fatale Tour. Now, listen to her hot new track Where They Do That At feat. Wale, now pre-streaming exclusively on Spotify.

10 ft Ganga Plant
10 Ft. Ganja Plant are a dub and roots reggae band shrouded in mystery. Hailing from the Northeast, they are rumored to share members with another great reggae group, John Brown’s Body. Anyone who has seen them live or listens to their albums, can attest to the fact that no other band has captured the 70’s spirit quite like this crew. Plug into into their latest album, 10 Deadly Shots Vol. II now!

The Soundtrack of Our Lives
Sweden’s The Soundtrack Of Our Lives return with their sixth studio album, Throw It To The Universe, featuring the first single ”What’s Your Story”. Get tuned in here!