Results of Spotify Code Quest 2012

On February 18th hundreds of contestants fought for the prizes in Spotify Code Quest 2012, trying to solve eight challenging programming problems, ranging from hunting mischievous trolls to figuring out the bandwidth usage of streaming applications.

The contest started in a flurry, with many contestants solving the easiest problem, “Troll Hunt”, in just a few minutes. After the first hour, several people had already solved half of the problems.

At three hours, with an hour left to go, two contestants, Vladyslav Simonenko and Neal Wu, had solved six out of the eight problems. Shortly thereafter, they were joined by Vitalii Nevidomyi and Wesley Cao. The race was now on. Would someone get a seventh problem and overtake Vladyslav’s lead?

With just 9 minutes left, Neal Wu became the first contestant to solve the previously unsolved “Greedy Cows” problem, and jumped up to first place with seven problems solved. However, just one minute later, Vladyslav Simonenko countered with his own solution to “Greedy Cows”, taking back his place at the top of the scoreboard with a smaller total time than Neal.

The top two were the only contestants to solve seven problems. Vitalii Nevidomyi took the third spot with six problems solved. The top ten contestants solved five or more problems. Ultimately, all eight problems were solved, even though no contestant solved all of them.

The final standings can be found at

To reach one of the coveted top 100 spots, landing contestants a Spotify Code Quest T-shirt, one either had to solve a single problem within 30 minutes, or solve more than 1 problems. The contest saw a total of 4,214 attempted solutions, of which 485, or roughly 11.5%, were correct. The most popular programming language was Java, with 2500 attempts, followed by C++, with 1440 attempts and C with 274 attempts.

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Share My Playlists

We present you the music selection that our friends from Sharemyplaylists have handpicked for this month.

NME Awards 2012

We’re proud to unveil NME as our newest playlist partner. ‘The nominees of the NME Awards 2012 in one bite-size package,’ that’s how they describe this mixtape. Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, The Horrors, The Strokes, Arcade Fire, PJ Harvey and a whole host of indie glitterati feature here. Just add mad hair, tight trousers and copious amounts of champagne for that authentic NME Awards experience from the comfort of your own home. Click here for more NME mixtapes.

Not on Hospital Radio

This next playlist is by far the funniest we received this month – maybe even ever. The concept is simple: a collection of the most inappropriate songs you could play hospital radio. Here’s our favourites: The Drugs Don’t Work; I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead; Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door; If Tomorrow Never Comes; No Tomorrow. Well done, ichacawab. Genius.

100 Favourite Songs of 2012

A good playlist to subscribe to, this one. Mårten is working on his “100 favourite indie rock songs of 2012”. So far, he’s got gems from Bat For Lashes, Leonard Cohen, The Maccabees, The Shins and numerous other sonic delights. We’re looking forward to watching this one grow.

BBC Radio 6music – Viva Sweden documentary

Everyone knows the best pop music in the world comes from Sweden. For proof, check out this playlist made of tunes featured in Danny Robins’ documentary, Viva Sweden, broadcast on BBC 6music this month – Lykke Li, The Hives, Jose Gonzalez, The Knife, Little Dragon and more. Superb.

Frankie Knuckles

Right, who’s up for a little boogie? If you are, this is the mixtape for you – over three hours of Frankie-Knuckles-Chicago-house-heaven. As well as tunes and remixes from the Godfather of House himself, this mixtape also features Marshall Jefferson, Jamie Principle, Ultra Nate, Jackson 5, Hercules And Love Affair, Luther Vandross and stacks more besides. Superb mixtape. Well played, SMP user Paul Shipley.

Afront’s Hi-NRG

SMP user Afront, King of the outre mixtape, has been at again. Ever heard of Hi-NRG? Nope, us neither. “Related to italo-disco, eurobeat and synthpop,” he explains, “Hi-NRG is seriously funky disco music with staccato synth sounds and octave basslines.” If that doesn’t whet your appetite, nothing will. Where can you hear such a noise? Here.

Unsigned Finds Volume 8: The Next New Thing

We think it’s about time we had a look at the latest addition of the brilliant Unsigned Finds series, don’t you? If you’re not familiar with hoxsd1‘s mixtapes, they’re the best place to discover new and unsigned artists on Spotify. (Previous editions here.) In particular, check out How To Dress Well, The Twerps, POLICIA and Lazy Daisey.

The Soundtrack to February 2012

“Thwack,” goes Phil Wilce‘s introduction to the latest edition of his uber-monthly mixtape. “Here come 50 of finest for you to feast on in February.” Let’s have a gander, shall we? odd Terje, M83, the Maccabees, the Big Pink, Django Django and more make this essential listening.

The Evolution of the Hipster

“Before there were hipsters,” says hoxsd1, “there were hepsters, and beatniks and hippies and hep cats. And here is what they’ve listened to.” Charlie Parker, Jack Kerouac, Miles Davis, Allen Ginsberg, Leonard Cohen, The 13th Floor Elevators, Nick Drake, Gil Scott-Heron … Check them all out, and more, right here. 

Whitney Houston Tribute

We round things off this weekend with a tribute to “one of the greatest voices of our time”, Whitney Houston. Check out our look back over a glittering career, cut tragically short. Whitney Houston 1963-2012