Try SpotON Radio with unlimited skips, powered by Spotify

SpotON Radio

We are delighted to see great applications created by other developers using the Spotify Platform. We’re really impressed by one that’s been released this week, SpotON Radio , a third-party radio application for iOS devices.

SpotON Radio allows you to create personalized radio stations on your iOS device. These stations mix your Spotify favourite tracks with similar songs. Just download the application to your iOS device, login with your Spotify or Facebook credentials and start discovering new music!

These are some other features that SpotON Radio offers:

  • Create personalized radio stations based on any artist
  • Like and dislike songs to fine tune your stations entirely to your own taste
  • Add new tracks or export the entire stations’ history directly into your Spotify playlists
  • You can skip as many songs as you like

It’s a great way to find new music similar to your own taste! And it is all powered by Spotify’s huge music catalogue and EchoNest’s song recommendation engine.

Spotify Premium subscribers can enjoy SpotON Radio right now. Head over to the App Store to get it.