Discover the new Spotify Radio

Get ready for an amazing radio experience. Unlimited stations, unlimited skips – that’s the new Spotify Radio.

You can be the DJ and skip between stations and tracks, or choose a station and just go with the flow. If you like what you hear, you can save the song to a playlist or play it again on demand.

To get started
Starting a radio station is easy. Click “Start Artist Radio” at the top of any artist page or just drag a track to “Radio” in the left sidebar. Spotify will make a radio station of similar music.

Then sit back. Or dance about. Your station will keep playing music based on your initial choice, it’s endless. And there’s no limit to the number of stations you can create.

A unique radio experience
Thanks to our all-new intelligent recommendation engine and multi-million track library, Spotify Radio is a music discovery experience without equal.

Unlimited skips
Don’t like a track? Skip it. You can skip as many times as you like. It’s your radio station.

We’ll be starting to roll out this brand new radio along with Spotify Apps in the next few days. Can’t wait? Then we have a preview version available for you here.

Spotify launches a brand new radio feature

Enjoy tuning into the new Spotify Radio.