Mix It Up this Halloween

It’s that time of year when, regardless of age, we bring out the little kid in us. Whether it’s giggling while conceiving the ultimate Halloween costume, pranking friends, or scoffing more sugar than your body’s own weight – All Hallow’s Eve is destined to be a big night and we’ve got some fun ways to mix it up!

Party Playlists

Kick off the Halloween weekend by helping us to create the ultimate Halloween party playlist. We’ve got some bewitching tunes to get you into the festive ‘spirit’. Add your favorite thrillers or bone-chillers here.

Some of our friends have been kind enough to craft some spooky playlists. Check out this selection from:

Trick or Treat – Spotify style

Who says Trick or Treating is just for kids? Send your friends a song they’ll love or a spooky Halloween surprise with Inbox Trick or Treat!

Just right click on the song that you want to use and select “Share to”.

Hit the “Spotify” tab and start typing in your buddy’s name for a one-of-a-kind Halloween message.

Haunted House

Creaks, howls and ghoulish sounds – there’s no better way to enhance your Haunted house than with songs from this chilling playlist.

Happy Halloween to all!