Boxee, your TV’s jukebox

Boxee, your TV’s jukebox

Boxee TV is a new device that brings together broadcast TV Channels, No LimitsDVR and Internet Apps into one simple experience.

With Boxee TV you’ll be able watch live TV broadcasts in beautiful HD from channels like ABC, CBS, FOX,NBC,PBS, Univision and many others. Boxee TV offers No Limits DVR – there are no limits to how much you can record and no limits to where you watch – on your laptop, tablet and, of course, your TV.

Boxee TV also comes pre-installed with great apps like Spotify, Netflix, VUDU, and YouTube, bringing tens of thousands of on-demand movies, tv shows, and user generated videos to your TV. A Premium subscription is all you need to start enjoying the Spotify experience on Boxee TV.

Spotify is available on Boxee.

For those of you who don’t know about Boxee yet, it’s a great device that finds many of your favorite shows and movies on the Internet and puts them on your TV. Now you can add music to that list.

Thanks to the custom Boxee app, it’s never been easier for Premium subscribers to enjoy on-demand access to Spotify’s vast music catalogue directly on their TV.

So what are you waiting for? Put your feet up and get the tunes flowing!