What’s new in Spotify

Lots of exciting changes in Spotify recently and we thought we’d walk you through all the latest features!

Turn up the Radio

Yes, that’s right – in addition to Artist radio, you can now serendipitously discover your next favorite song with Radio.

Just click on the Radio tab and select a genre of your fancy to get the tunes flowing!

Share Button

We’ve added a Share button within the client to make sharing the music even easier. Spot it next to all your tracks and playlists!

Playlist Sharing

You asked for it and we listened! You can now share an entire playlist too! Simply click on the Share button which will open up a dialog box for one click sharing to Facebook, Twitter and all your Spotify friends. To share with the buddies on your People list, click on the Spotify tab within this box and start typing your friend’s name – autocomplete will make the process simple and instant.

Smart Inbox

Our Inbox now has a set of icons to indicate whether the shared goodie is a track, an album (disc icon), or a playlist (note icon). We also pumped up the Inbox tab notification to a vibrant red so you can easily see when someone has sent you something!