Great news for all U.S. users – no more invites!

It’s all good news at the moment. First, we become better friends with Facebook. Now we’re opening up Spotify to everyone – no invite needed to use our free service.

So if any of your friends have been waiting patiently for an invite, please tell them to come and sign up now.

All free accounts to be called ‘Spotify’

From now, everybody who listens to Spotify for free will simply have a Spotify account.

All Spotify accounts come with a 6-month time-limit honeymoon. During this time, there’s no limit to the amount of music you can enjoy on your computer. You’ll still hear ads, but you can listen for as long as you like.

After 6 months, you’ll be limited to 10 hours of streaming a month and a 5-play limit for any individual track. Unless, of course, you’ve subscribed by then!

Want a free trial for Spotify Premium?

Like to try Spotify on your cellphone for free? For our no-obligation 48-hour free trial, please click here.

Any changes to the paid accounts?

No, there’ll be no change for paying subscribers – Spotify Unlimited and Spotify Premium will carry on giving joy as normal.

Happy listening!

Any questions, please take a look at our Help section.