Playlist Genies

One of the most popular Spotify features is the ability to create and share playlists – it’s a great way to discover new music and organize your old favorites. Part of the fun of creating these lists is sharing them with others and since we launched, we’ve seen a number of really cool resources pop […]

Search Smart

One of the core features of Spotify is searching. You just type the name of an artist or a song into the search bar and off you go. Normally that’s all you need to get the Spotify experience: you know, when you think of some music and literally seconds later you’re listening to it. There […]

Share the Music

With Spotify, you can share anything with anybody. A track you love, or a whole playlist. It’s incredibly easy to do as everything has a link that is shareable. Simply right click on what you want to share and select “Copy HTTP Link”. This link can be emailed, posted across your social networks and even […]

Power Up with Playlists

Simply put, a playlist is a collection of tracks grouped together and saved for easy access. The modern day mix tape, you can create a playlist for anywhere and anytime! Whip up some tuneful inspiration for your road trips, workouts, or even workdays. Get started by clicking on the “+New Playlist” in the left column. […]

Spotify 101

Welcome to Spotify! We are so excited to be in America to share our love of music with you. A new world of music awaits and we’re blogging here to help you learn the ropes to take full advantage of all that Spotify has to offer. If you’re not up and running just yet, sign […]