Let’s Get Collaborative

Here at Spotify we believe that sharing is a fundamental aspect of enjoying and discovering music. With this in mind, we’ve developed collaborative playlists to help you spread the love. This means that not only are you able to share playlists with others, you can also open them up to collective compiling and editing!

How to Collaborate

In order to turn on collaboration for a playlist, right-click (or Ctrl-click on the Mac) the list and select the “Collaborative Playlist” option. Next, copy the HTTP link or Spotify URI of the playlist and send it to a friend.

When your friend clicks on the link, it opens in Spotify and your collaborative playlist is added. Now you can both make changes, which will appear on both of your screens instantly. Collaborative playlists appear with a green icon and text, and sync automatically between the different users managing that playlist.

Sharing the Playlist

You can share the playlist with any number of people. Anyone who gets the link will be able to alter your playlist, as well as pass the link onto others. There is currently no way to give only specific users the right to alter a collaborative playlist, other than by controlling the access to the link. The link is the key to the playlist. You can, however, turn off the ‘collaborativity’ of the playlist the same way you turned it on. Everyone who has got the link will still be able to view and play the list but only you will be able to alter it.

Collaborate with us to perfect this “Mid-Week Mania” playlist!