Discover The Deer Tracks’ The Archer Trilogy Part 2

If you happen to be lost in the woods of Sweden and stumble across a remote cabin you may come across a girl and boy duo making sweet ethereal music. They know each other as David Lehnberg and Elin Lindfors, but the locals know them as The Deer Tracks. Now Lehnberg and Lindfors have come out of their isolated, barely functional cabin to share with us the second installment of their trilogy of releases; a full-length album, The Archer Trilogy Part 2.

Having already teased us with the ethereal “Prologue” single & E.P “The Archer Trilogy Pt. 1.” – The first full length instalment of this epic story has an overwhelming sense of cellular fission as the delicate chemistry of the album unfolds like ice crystals forming. The elemental influences are plain to see: Dance/Rest, Dark/Light, Abstract/Plain, Esoteric/Pop, Vast/Microscopic, Gentle/Savage. It’s an album of beautiful opposites.

Discover the enchantment for yourself – as the band open this second installment early exclusively for Spotify users & catch up on the musical trilogy so far with the exclusive playlist.