Domino Radio is on the air

In the spirit of such stand-alone broadcasting giants as Radio Caroline, The Peel Show, Rinse FM, The World Service and Woman’s Hour – and dispensing with such orthodoxies as play lists and compliance – Domino Radio commences transmission on June 6th 2011 – for one week only – featuring non-stop twenty four hour music, conversation and good times.

Presented by Domino’s international roster of artists, along with friends and neighbours from the worldwide independent music community, Domino Radio will host a dynamic schedule loaded with individuality, free expression and all manner of sounds from around the world.

You’ll be able to find recordings of the shows here on Spotify, shows available so far include:

Austra On Air
You wanna listen to some real dance music? Tune into AUSTRA’s radio show on Domino Radio! They’ll make you move it with some sexy throwbacks, a few big hits, and one or two surprises that will leave you shaking. Also be sure to check out AUSTRA in your home town this summer on their UK/Europe tour – they’re ready to pound out some serious tunes off their newly released “Feel It Break” album.

Milo Merok On Air
i went into this radio show very under prepared, but over the course of the show began to find my true radio voice! jack shankly, domino artist and repertoire man and friend, lent his helping hand to steady me on the way, half way through the show i began to get to realize a vision for the show: we would take on jon kennedy for the late london audience, exposure part 2, roughly around 2am mark. . .apparently no one else wants this spot. apparently breakfast time is the prime spot, if i had a breakfast show it would be called ‘burnt toast’, but i don’t. i do have a one off radio show that will hopefully be played after midnight on a weekday. i’m gonna call it the nightbus. hope you enjoy it.

Smith Westerns On Air
Smith Westerns stopped by to say an early wassup to Domino Radio in April, in between dates on their UK tour with the Vaccines. The Chicago dreamboats dropped a blockbusting mix of drive-time radio hits befitting the full time road-dawgs they are right now as they peddle the romantic wares of their dreamy “Dye It Blonde” LP (out now on Weird World / Domino in Europe) the world over.

Check out the full schedule of artists, DJs and hosts.