Update to Spotify for iPhone & iPod Touch now available

We have an update to our popular iOS app to let you know about. This update is version 0.4.13 and includes a number of improvements and features, including a brand new swipe action.

The full list of improvements and features includes:

  • Improved: Sync your playlists even if Spotify is running in the background.
  • New: Play queue. Queued tracks will play immediately following the currently playing track. After all the queued tracks have played, the playlist or album you were playing from before will resume.
  • New: You can now swipe left-to-right on a track (in a playlist, album or search result) to reveal a menu of actions for that track. [iOS 3.2 or newer] The possible actions are:
    • Star or unstar the track.
    • Add the track to the play queue.
    • Share the track to friends.
    • Add the track to a playlist.
    • Show the track’s album.
    • Show the track’s artist.
  • Fixed: Sharing tracks and albums to Facebook is now possible again.

Enjoy the update!

The sounds of May courtesy of Sharemyplaylists.com

Sharemyplaylists.com provides us with their latest installment monthly playlists. Be sure to also check out their recently launched iPad app, making discovering playlists more fun than ever!

90’s Indie
To celebrate the release of Upside Down: The Creation Records Story on DVD and Blu Ray, we’ve teamed up with Sony CMG UK to give away three CD copies of the incredible original soundtrack. Click here to find out how, and to listen to their amazing playlist inspired by the movie.

May 2011 – Acid Jazz Hispano

Our monthly round-up wouldn’t be complete without checking out the tunes provided by our friends over at Acid Jazz Hispano. Their taste is exemplary, as always, as they take us on an eclectic journey through everything from jazz and funk, to soul and house, through hip-hop and disco. Our favourites from this month’s edition include: Jurassic 5, Missy Elliott, Mos Def, Jill Scott, Van Morrison, Alcohol Jazz, Mr Scruff, St Germain, The Herbaliser and Cannonball Adderley.

L.A. Noire Radio Songs

L.A. Noire is the latest release from Rockstar to get gamers in a tizz. It’s garnered rave reviews from the press as a watershed moment in console history – and the music is pretty decent to. Check out this playlist for all the music from the game, artists such as T-Bone Walker, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. The game also stars Ken Cosgrove, Mad Men fans. Sadly, he doesn’t feature on this playlist.