Give Spotify Premium a spin for seven days

We’ve always been big believers that if you try Spotify on your mobile phone you’ll fall in love with having millions of tracks at your fingertips everywhere you go, online and offline.

So to give everyone the chance to find out for themselves how great Spotify Premium really is we’ve got a seven-day free trial that you can sign up for.

If you haven’t tried Spotify Premium yet, then the free trial will allow you to listen to Spotify on your mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Symbian, etc) and on supported home stereo devices such as Sonos, Onkyo and Squeezebox. You’ll also get to use our great ‘Offline mode’ feature and boost the sound quality of your listening.

You’ll have to enter a credit card number or Paypal account info to take advantage of the offer but if you’re not totally happy you can cancel at any time and you won’t be charged. If you do decide to continue you’ll automatically become a regular Spotify Premium user after the seven days is over and you’ll be charged on a monthly basis.

So now, there’s no reason not to try Spotify Premium, give it a spin today!