Drowned in Sound’s Highlights Playlist

In this month’s playlist post from Sean Adams, founder of Drowned in Sound, he’s been scraping the ice off 2011’s windscreen before gazing onto a whole new world ablaze with excitement for the months ahead. January’s playlist features an hour of returning heroes (Bright Eyes, PJ Harvey, …Trail of Dead, Dr Dre) and exciting new acts (How to Dress Well, There Will Be Fireworks, ANR, Jamie Woon, Girl Unit). However, the playlist opens in tribute to Trish Keenan of the absolutely brilliant Broadcast, who sadly passed away earlier this month.

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This month’s bonus playlists:

Music for Office Workers – a 3hr playlist of electronica pianos, post-rock and wordlessness that creates an aural backdrop to help you concentrate.

Winterwave – a wintery themed playlist featuring the likes of Talk Talk, Cocteau Twins, Jeniferever and 20 other tracks with an icy-chill.

DiS Winter Playlist – an even more wintery playlist, compiled collaboratively by the DiS community

DiS at the Gym #1 – an hour of music to assist your beer-belly busting.


  1. Highlights and playlists are always great reading but even better would be a confirmation on that you are working with D-Link and Boxee to make a Spotify-applikation for Boxee Box. That would be awesomeness times a thousand to read!

  2. Feel free to tune in to my monthly compilation for February 2011!

    Indie and Electronica to the people!