Get fit with these workout playlists

If you’re like me then one of your New Year’s resolutions is likely to eat a little better and work out a little more. Thankfully you won’t have to do it in silence as we’ve put together a series of workout playlists to help pump you up all year long.

Load these into Spotify on your mobile and make hitting the gym a little easier, enjoy!


  1. Maybe some of your readers like the playlist I listened to while running my very first marathon. One of the most important days in my life and this playlist helped a lot. Lots of rock, rap, pop. Don’t worry about the first five tracks, they are just for warming up and getting in my zone.

    The Legend of Pheidippides (3h)

    Have fun!

  2. I’m running with others for charity ( and am building an alternative workout playlist for runners. Always keen to get more suggestions so I’ve set it to collaborative. Please feel free to add tracks to help keep our runners going!

  3. No guys, THIS IS A WORKOUT PLAYLIST! your songs is acceptable, but not very good.
    When I am training I need music that makes me angry and motivated.

  4. I prefer fast music when working out, especialy when running and biking. I used to play in a marching band and maybe that´s why I run faster when the music is faster =P A playlist would maybe look something like this:

    Feel free to add stuff you see fitting

  5. I’ve done myself a couple of different lists compiled from internet sites that catalog music by BPM (Beats Per Minute). Different ones for running and cycling. It really does help, especially in the monotonous world of gym treadmills and cycling machine. and I have got into some music I would never have listened to otherwise.

    I wonder if the people at spotify have some clever tools that would determine and allow you to search for tracks by bpm?
    155bpm –

    158bpm –

  6. Gym Beatz 2.0 for when you need to go hard. Not in any particular order so put this on shuffle.