Spotify’s 2010 music retrospective

To celebrate reaching the end of another fantastic year for music lovers, we’re hitting the rewind button and revealing Spotify’s most streamed tracks and albums of 2010.

We’ve compiled lists for the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Spain, Netherlands and France. You’ll be able to compare musical tastes between countries as well as discover which music has topped the Spotify charts across Europe. You can also step back in time to check out what was topping the charts last year on Spotify.

To discover which tracks have topped the Spotify music charts in 2010 head over to the retrospective home page.


  1. yep, if you are tired of all the U.S. autotune-rubbish in the official top 100 stats;

    Feel free to listen in to my December list of delightful Indie Rock & Electronica (and everything in between! )

  2. Wow, thanks for Finland list. I enjoy data from this. I listen Spotify every day! Spotify is just what i need. I use Premium and listen Spotify in my Adroid too.

  3. Maybe next year you can introduce the only thing I’m looking for, enhanced sound quality for only £4.99 a month, that’s all I need!