The perfect gift for Christmas

We’re delighted to introduce our special Christmas e-cards allowing you to give the gift of music to your family and friends this holiday season. Or feel free to treat yourself, you deserve it!

You can purchase either one, three, six or 12 months of Spotify Premium and send your loved ones a beautifully designed email or print out the gift to place under the Christmas tree.

Gift codes can then be redeemed on our site so you and your friends can enjoy classic holiday music ad-free and on the go. Merry Christmas!


  1. If I would be able to use Spotify in Belgium, this would indeed be the perfect Christmas gift. When, oh, when ?

  2. When are we getting spotify for Blackberry? It’s been promised, Spotify has made mumblings about it being released in early 2010, it’s now December 2010, whats going on?

  3. Please provide a way to buy Spotify Unlimited as a gift card.

    I’d like to buy 6 months of subscription, but 60 quid is out of my price league for this present.

  4. Why doesn’t Spotify have an equalizer feature? Seems like a nobrainer to me! One of the few things I think would improve the player. 🙂

  5. I love the “give a gift off of Spotify” thing but I can’t believe it costs money!

  6. I agree with rogpeppe, why can’t we give Spotify Unlimited as gift card? I’d much rather prefer to give away more months than to pay for features that would never be used.

  7. I’d also like the ability to buy a Spotify Unlimited gift card.

    I don’t want the extra features and cost of Spotify Premium but I do want Spotify Unlimited. I don’t want to subscribe to Spotify with my credit card and have it auto-renew every month, but would love to subscribe for a fixed period, without the worry of my credit card being charged again if I forget to cancel my sub. A Spotify Unlimited gift card would do exactly what I want.

  8. It’s still ridiculous that I cannot purchase a gift for my friend living in Sweden from an Irish credit card. Advertising this as “allowing you to give the gift of music to your family and friends this holiday season” is utter false.

    Spotify is a great service but you are quickly messing the whole thing up by not making deals to make it available globally. Get your act together.