Win Bon Jovi Ultimate Collector Edition USB

Now here’s something for all you Bon Jovi fanatics, November 15th marks the start date of our incredible Bon Jovi competition to win the Bon Jovi Ultimate Collector’s Edition USB complete with 30 of Bon Jovi’s greatest hits plus 17 incredible videos! To enter the competition simply create a special Bon Jovi playlist of YOUR favourites and share it here on the blog (Terms & Conditions are here).

Share your playlists across Facebook, Twitter and your profile and the most shared playlist wins! You’ll be ‘Wanted Dead Or Alive‘ if you win this prize!

We want you to ‘Get Ready’ and ‘Breakout’ your playlisting skills to celebrate the unleashing Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits! The new album includes all of your favourite Bon Jovi hits plus four brand new songs!

Spotify Premium user? You’re in luck! Put a ‘Bullet’ into ‘Silent Nights’ and listen now to the three exclusive live tracks; recorded at New Jersey’s new Meadowlands Stadium.


  1. Hey, I know this is off topic, but will you release a version of spotify for the samsung bada os?

  2. Bon Jovi – 2010 to 1984 in 2 hours
    This could be played as listed for a journey back in time, or randomly as a great party list. This is a mix of upbeat songs and ballads, but it also has Dry County, with one of the greatest guitar solos of all time.

  3. Can’t update Spotify behind a proxy. Error code: 301. Also, the new version isn’t on the website, so I can’t update manually either.

  4. Here’s my favorite Bon Jovi songs. I’ve loved this band since I was 11 years old:) I would love to win this competition. Enjoy!

  5. By the way: I agree with Bufflo that Dry County has one of the best guitar solos of all time! It’s incredible! Richie Sambora rocks!

  6. Richie is in indeed a legend! I managed to get his pick in Denmark a few years ago, on of my dearest belongings now haha 🙂

    I tried to get all of my personal favourites in, there’s a lot of them since I started listening in the womb… Of course the chart-topping classics and fan favourites like These Days and Dry County are included in the playlist, but there’s also quite a few songs that you might have missed out even if you’re a big fan.

    Keep The Faith!

  7. This is my all time favourite sngs with THE GREATEST BAND EVER


  8. Bon Jovi has walked beside me almost my entire life, so here goes… The Story of My Life.

  9. My favourites………..

  10. I chose to use the playlist from my first concert with Bon Jovi, not the songs the played that isn´t their own except Hallelujah.
    This was in Dublin on Punchestown racecourse in July 2008.
    THE BEST CONCERT I HAVE EVER BEEN ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. could you please get the song “on the floor – Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull